Layover Facility ö Horse layover

Brook Ledge offers high quality layover facilities for your horse, if a layover is necessary. Layover facilities are located directly on the Brook Ledge properties and are owned by the company. You can rest easy knowing where your horse is and who is taking care of them. When a horse comes to one of our layovers, they go into a freshly bedded, clean stall with hay and water. Many times the layover is only for a few hours. Most coast to coast trips will include a layover at our Lexington Facility. We have layover facilities in Oley, PA; Lexington, KY; Ocala, FL and Summerton, SC. Please ask if your horse’s route will include a layover. All four locations have loading chutes. Brook Ledge is proud to always have "horse people" taking care of the horses as if they were their own. Our facilities are NOT open to the public so you can rest assured that any horse staying at one of our farms is healthy and fit for travel.

Lexington, KY Layover Facility

Paddock with turnout shed, and stalls at Lexington KY Farm and Office

Ocala, FL Layover Facility

Paddock with turnout shed, and stalls at Ocala, FL Farm